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We Moved!


It has been quite the week/weekend. The end result is that I’m writing this from our new apartment in Chapel Hill, NC, but man, it was a process to get here.

#1 — It was a time crunch (and it felt like an extra-stressful one, for whatever reason).

If you’ve been following along lately, you probably saw that Matt and I got married on July 1, and we took a week-long honeymoon immediately after. Which was excellent.

However, this meant that most of our energy was put toward the wedding, and when we were on the honeymoon, we just checked out and relaxed. So that gave us less than one week to pack up all of our stuff (read: all of my stuff — Matt had like 10 boxes total) and move it.

#2 — There was the slight logistics puzzle of how two people were going to drive three vehicles (two cars and a moving truck) down here.

So I came up with a plan that was possible but definitely stressful. A coworker suggested hiring movers through U-Haul to help us load and unload, which we did. I asked the Maryland people to come from 8:30 am – 10:30 am on Friday, and we planned to start the five-hour drive with the truck and Matt’s car as soon as they finished. I was hoping that 10:30 would be early enough to get in front of the DC Friday traffic and that we’d get to Chapel hill by 4, once we’d stopped for lunch and gas.

Then, movers were coming to the Chapel Hill apartment from 6-8 pm (still on Friday) to help us unload the truck. We’d set up the bed, sleep, and then wake up on Saturday and drive back to Maryland — both to get my car and to clean my apartment there. And then after we finished, we’d get in our separate cars and drive back to NC, leaving us to sleep in and unpack on Sunday.

That was the plan. However …

#3 — We had some issues with the movers. And with traffic.

On Friday morning, the Maryland movers texted me to say they were arriving at 9, instead of 8:30, which pushed us back to leaving at 11:15, once they’d finished filling the truck.

And, just as I’d feared, we hit super bad traffic in quite a few places on the drive down — both the typical Friday afternoon rush plus a few big accidents. It ended up taking Matt 6 hours and me 7 hours to get down there (I told him to just leave me, since I really couldn’t go very fast in the huge moving truck). I even had to call ahead to the leasing office (which closed at 6), to make potential arrangements for getting our keys after they closed.

That all ended up working out ok, but the NC movers never showed up. I’m still not 100% sure what happened, but the end result was that we didn’t really have any way to unpack the truck on Friday night. Oh, and essentials like shower towels and toilet paper were buried waaay deep in the moving truck.

So I went online and found new movers who could come last-minute on Saturday morning (we found Blue Sky Movers and they were the BEST) and Matt booked us a hotel room.

Of course, that changed our itinerary quite a bit. In the end, we unloaded on Saturday morning, showered, returned the truck, and drove back to Maryland. We then finished packing/cleaning my apartment, stayed the night with Matt’s parents, and drove back to Chapel Hill on Sunday morning. And immediately started to unpack. (You can see the pictures below. This place was a MESS.)

#4 — I got sick.

On Thursday afternoon, I started getting a scratchy throat (I assumed it was from coughing thanks to all the dust in my apartment. I may not be the best cleaner in the world), and by Thursday night, I was pretty sure that I was getting legitimately sick.

Sure enough, that slowly progressed into a full-blown cold. But since we had a lot of work to do, I took some Aleve and powered through it. And I am paying for that now. Big time.

Oh also, my car’s air conditioning is broken. Which means that my sick self drove 5 hours with tepid air blowing at me. Not exactly the way I’d choose to spend a Sunday morning. Though I did get to chat with my mom and listen to my audio book (Luckiest Girl Alive), so it wasn’t all bad.

My Maryland apartment pre move
Our North Carolina apartment yesterday afternoon

Anyway, I’m now going to sleep for a year. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Wondering why we moved? Check out the announcement post!


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