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How We Met

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Our wedding is now two days away (Eeek!), and before we dive into that, I wanted to do one more dating/engagement post on here: How we met.

Matt and I officially met at the end of his freshman year/my sophomore year of college when we were both inducted into the Classics honor society (Eta Sigma Phi) at Wake Forest.

We sat at the same table during the banquet, and when we were leaving, my friend Melanie said, “He’s so cute! You should totally date Matt Sherry!” I was like, “Melanie, he can hear you!” (Though Matt swears that he did not hear her, and he had no idea that exchange happened at all.)

However, at the time, I wasn’t really interested in him (sorry), so Melanie and I both friended him on Facebook, and that was it.

I actually don’t think I even saw him again until the end of the next school year (his sophomore year, my junior year) when we both ran for offices in that same honors society.

I became Vice President (because I wanted to do as little as possible) and he became Secretary. And that meant that we saw each other from time to time in meetings.

I remember that one time, he walked into a meeting and I said, “Matt, I always say hi to you on campus, but you never say hi back, and I feel like you don’t know who I am.” The other girl in the room laughed, and Matt was like, “I’ll say hi.” And he did.

However, I’d say that our actual relationship story didn’t really start until the winter of my senior/his junior year. We had an Eta Sigma Phi interest meeting for younger students, and when Matt got there, he sat down next to me, and said, “I saw you in the gym this afternoon.”

I actually hadn’t seen him at the gym, but in my defense, I was on the front row of ellipticals, which looks outside. And you can’t see what’s happening behind you. But Matt and I still ended up chatting for a while, and when we were leaving the meeting, he mentioned that he was tutoring someone in Latin 212, which I was taking.

I said, “I need a tutor in that class. Can you tutor me?” Because that class was hard.Β 

He said yes, so the next day, I went to the Learning Center and signed up for a tutor. I even asked the lady if there was a place where I could specify who I wanted my tutor to be. (Because Wake has free tutoring, and you typically just get assigned to a tutor who has capacity.)

So he started tutoring me. And at this point, everyone says, “So you wanted him to tutor you because you liked him.” Ummmm, not really. I actually just cared that much about what grade I got in Latin.

Plus, even if I had been interested, I thought he had a girlfriend. He and I had a class together, and he always sat across the room with a guy and a girl. Then, at our first tutoring session (which was on Valentine’s Day), he had a Reese’s with a heart-shaped note on it in the side pocket of his backpack. So I naturally assumed that the girl from the class had given him the candy and that she was his girlfriend.

It turns out that she did give him the candy, but they were not dating. Which I later found out. Still, we didn’t start dating until April when Matt asked me to dinner. And then after the date, I had to ask a mutual friend if that dinner was supposed to be a date. It was. πŸ™‚

And now, five years later, we’re getting married!

I’m logging off for the next week to truly unwind at the beach. So I’ll see you back here on July 10!


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  1. coultermk

    I love this post about the first date. It reminds me of my hubby, Matt and our first ‘dates’ that weren’t really for us, but we just happened to be at the same place at the same time. Congratulations on the wedding – I’m assuming your Dad will be doing the honors in Lenox. So, have a great week on your honeymoon! -Kim Coulter

    29 . Jun . 2017
    • Naomi

      Ha, that sounds like a great first date story!! And thank you!

      05 . Jul . 2017

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